B.I.O.N.I.C.’s New Bully Prevention Program!

Look at this media clip of our new bully prevention program which is a simple add-on to any program at your school. It’s called “Prevent Bullying by Just Saying H.I.”

H – Help – Get help immediately from an adult when you see bullying
– If you see bullying and you don’t feel comfortable stepping in and stopping it, contact an adult ASAP or report it through the procedure already set up in school.

I – Initiate – initiate contact with the bullied student – sometime that day reach out to let him/her know you care
– If you feel comfortable stepping in during the incident, ask the bully to stop then reach out to the bullied student and ask him or her to hang out with you.
– If you don’t feel comfortable stepping in at the moment of the incident, reach out to that student sometime that day – i.e. “I saw what happened and I am sorry. It was wrong and I reported it.” “I come this way every day at this time and I will be watching to see if it happens again.” “Would you like to sit with me next time?” “Would you like me to walk down the hall with you next time?
– If you feel comfortable, tell the bullied student you reported this incident to an adult.

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