12-12-12 for 2013?

BIONIC Helping Up We heard some exciting things from schools that participated in 12-12-12 and the difference they made in their schools and communities by reaching out to 12 people in 12 hours. (Look under the “12-12-12 Campaign” tab for more information.) We are now making plans for a similar day to 12-12-12 in 2013 – we are still determining which day we will have it since there is no 13-13-13. We will let you know our plans soon.

  1. If you had 12-12-12 activities at your school this year, let us know what you did and any highlights from the day?
  2. What are your thoughts about activities at your school for that day – things you want to change or add for next year?
  3. Or tell us how we can help you plan for next year’s activities.
  4. Or do you have ideas to make a greater worldwide impact with all the BIONIC schools across the globe next year.